LiBrary Visits

Illustration by Jarrrett Lerner:

Library during Distance Learning, 2020-2021

Washington students have optional Live Library Time enrichment once a week with their class. Please see your Google Classroom or Seesaw page for the Zoom link.

Visits will include activities like storytelling, riddles, games, guided drawing, resource lessons, songs, rhymes, flannel stories, book talks, reviews and more. I hope you will join me!

- Ms. Jackie

Live Library Zoom Schedule

Please check with classroom teachers for Zoom links.


  • Kinder Classes 12:30-1

  • Kasle 2-2:30


  • Sanchez 12:30-1

  • Bail 2-2:30


  • Davidson 10-10:30

  • Jagger 12:30-1

  • Thomaes 1:15-1:45

  • Zarate 2-2:30


  • 5th Grades Group B 10-10:30

  • 5th Grades Group A 11-11:30

  • Tubbs 12:30-1

  • Hancock 1:15-1:45


  • Clark-Riddell 12:30-1

  • Watson 1:15-1:45

  • Mitchell 2-2:30

First Grade Library: California Young Reader readalouds!

During Zoom Library class with 1st graders, we have been reading the five books nominated for the California Young Reader Medal! It is a big responsibility: students have to remember details about multiple titles and then make the tough decision of which one was the best. If students want to listen to any of the nominated books again, or if they missed library and want to join the fun, click below!

Alfie by Thyra Heder

Read by the author on Youtube

The Day You Begin by Jacqueline Woodson

Read by the author on Youtube

Poor Louie BY tONY fUCILE

ebook video on BUSD's Tumblebooks Library

username = busd

password = student

Madeline Finn & the Library Dog by Lisa Papp

Read by the author on Youtube

After the Fall by Dan Santat

Read by Thousand Oaks Librarian Ms. Jess

This week, at library we read:

Click below for an ongoing list of what each grade read in case you want to make connections at home or reread a favorite! Ms. Jackie is a little behind on updating this but will get going ASAP!